Stone Replacement
Wear and tear can cause a jewelry’s gemstones to get chipped and even break sometimes causing it to fall off which can make the jewelry look incomplete and leave it unwearable. Have a set stone that’s come loose after years of wear and tear? Bring it to Tommy's Jewelry Watch & Clock Repair in Lufkin, TX! We will replace the stone with a new one to restore your jewelry’s original look. We can also replace it with a different stone of your choice to give the jewelry a fresh new look. Contact Us now for more information!
Stone Replacement Service at Tommy
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Tommy started in the jewelry field at the age of 21, in Odessa, Texas in 1979. He trained with several Jewelry Stores, 3 of which were Rolex Dealerships. He married Ruth in 1987; they have been together for 33 years. Together they started a Watch and Jewelry Shop catering to the Wholesale Industry, until 1990. In 1991 they moved to Lufkin, Texas and worked for a Local Jeweler for 8 years. In 2000 they opened up a small Retail Shop of about 330 square feet in the Old Albertson Shopping Center.


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