Pins And Link Repair
Looking to adjust your watch band so it fits you perfectly? It may require the removal of metal links to adjust the size down. Bring your watch to Tommy's Jewelry Watch & Clock Repair in Lufkin, TX! We understand how important your watch is for you so we make sure not to damage the band when removing the links. We will add or remove links with utmost care, so that your precious time piece will fit you properly.
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Pins And Link Repair Service at Tommy
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Tommy started in the jewelry field at the age of 21, in Odessa, Texas in 1979. He trained with several Jewelry Stores, 3 of which were Rolex Dealerships. He married Ruth in 1987; they have been together for 33 years. Together they started a Watch and Jewelry Shop catering to the Wholesale Industry, until 1990. In 1991 they moved to Lufkin, Texas and worked for a Local Jeweler for 8 years. In 2000 they opened up a small Retail Shop of about 330 square feet in the Old Albertson Shopping Center.


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